The New K-DST is an online radio projected to be a different radio in the internet, like the next generation of radio where everything will be connected  using the internet, we decided that the best option is a broadcast through cables and not using an antenna.



Why New K-DST?


The original K-DST were a game fictional radio station in the GTA SA (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas), this fictional radio used to play classic rock music. Classic Rock is a passion, my father and uncles too, so I just woundered what if I give it a life? And that’s how I’ve created it.


What the K-DST acronym means?


K-Dust, there’s no meaning in fact.




  1. There’s a real radio station called KDST in Iowa, United Satates, but they just play country music.
  2. Axl Rose – Guns n’Roses’s vocalist were Tommy “The Nightmare” Smith dj voice’s in the original K-DST.



Where the donations are being used?


I am using them to pay a good server, and the main website, I’m also investing some money in devices to improve the audio quality. Anyway, as soon soon as I find a good way for an income, I’ll compensate all your help!


For now, I will offer you 2 minutes of advertising in the radio before the podcasts. In the begining of May, I will open a space here in the website for special ads.



There’s another way to contribute with your project?


Yes! If you have any suggestions or want to help in something instead donating, please get in touch i would love to receive any kind help here!